Google’s Maps app for iOS 6 Available, waiting Apple’s approval

Google Maps

The good news for iOS 6 users is that folks of Google have built Google’s Maps app for iOS 6 rolling out onto iPhones and iPads everywhere, but the bad news is Apple needs to approve it. Well the approval time is not yet known, it may take few days or few years!

Apple’s Maps app in iOS 6 resulted unattractive reviews from users and critics. Many questioned kicking off of Google’s Maps app from its mobile OS. With many websites demonstrating the failure of iOS 6 Maps, iOS 6 users are now upset with their iDevices and Apple.

It seems as if Apple thinks only for its own interest but not for its customers. This punting of Google’s Maps app for its own Map reminds the failure of Apple to upgrade its You Tube app since its release in 2007. In 2009, Apple rejected the official Google Voice app for the iPhone, and reconsidered the Google’s app only after a year had passed.

Google Map for iOS 6

In-spite of so many iOS 6 users voicing for a better Map app, if Apple doesn’t approved the Google’s Maps app soon then one can imagine that Apple is not going to approve it forever. If Apple has any issue with Google/Android its better to settle it in a court of law (similar to that it did with Samsung) instead of victimizing its customers.

As Apple has a cruel record in the approval process of its App Store, it might take more time for the approval of Google’s Maps app for iOS 6.

Let us hope Google’s Maps app for iOS 6 is approved soon.

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