Here are the Confirmed features of Windows Phone 7.8 Build

Confirmed features of Windows Phone 7.8 Build

Late last month, Microsoft has released the Windows Phone 8 OS and the manufacturers like Nokia and HTC also released their own WP8 phones including Lumia 920, Lumia 810, Lumia 820, Lumia 822, HTC 8X, HTC 8S and Samsung has yet to release the ATIV S and the rumored ATIV Odyssey handsets. But, Microsoft has yet to provide a precise date for launching the Windows Phone 7.8 build for the existed Windows Phone handsets running with single core processors. A couple of days ago, LG Poland has confirmed that won’t release the WP 7.8 update for its LG Optimus L7 handset and they also won’t release any Windows Phone 8 handsets in the near future, instead they want to heavily focus on Android phones.

According to the previous rumors claimed by WPDang, the Windows Phone 7.8 will be coming late. It will first show up on the upcoming low-end WP devices as preloaded and all the OEMs will be seeding out the WP 7.8 OTA updated to the WP7.5 running phones.

Windows Phone 7.8 is more than a new start screen and it is largely the same as Windows Phone 8 OS. It is based on the CE kernel and it brings appearance of Windows Phone 8.

Here are the confirmed features of the Windows Phone 7.8 build:

# New build number will be 7.10.8858.136.
# It brings three Live Tile sizes with a wider selection of colors
# 20 more themes to choose from
# Users can create ringtones by editing the MP3 files
# Users can customise their lock screen with Bing wallpapers which will be updated everyday
# Internet Explorer with security upgrades
# You will be seeing new boot screen with new Windows Phone logo
# New logos for Xbox Games, Office and Store and other apps
# You can share the Calendar using the function called ‘Club’ (which matches that of ‘Rooms’ feature includes in Windows Phone 8)
# Access to key services and Xbox Music Store library
# Addition of the “keep WiFi alive” feature and SMS drafts (specifically for HTC devices).
# Addition of the DataSmart app for keeping track of your data

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So, when will Windows Phone 7.8 be available? According to AT&T’s sources it should be “delivering to existing phones as a software update sometime after Window Phone 8 is released.” But, we are also hearing that it will be distributed in early Q1 of 2013. It’s also worth noting that Microsoft is planning to roll out another important update after the WP 7.8 update.

Via: WPCentral

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