Honeycomb Running Over Gingerbread Has Been Revealed!


It has been discovered that Honeycomb was just a shell running on top of Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread. Well this surely tells that Honeycomb Tablet OS isn’t actually built from scratch. Questions have now been raised over Honeycomb OS, that whether it is just released for time being until the release of the newer 3.X version, just to showcase the OS!

The revelation of Gingerbread on a Honeycomb tablet came when the LCD density is changed to 170 or higher and after a reboot all you can find running is the Gingerbread UI on your tablet. All the user interface screen of Gingerbread such as lockscreen, launcher, app list etc. will be on the tablet. If you reset the LCD density back to 160 or lower and Honeycomb UI returns after a reboot.

This experiment was conducted on the Dell Streak 7 and the video is all over Youtube. Though it is plausible that the Honeycomb 3.1 is already running quite well on the dual-core tablet but this particular discovery made on the Streak 7 that Honeycomb has a hidden Gingerbread UI within it may be surprising. Currently Google has not said anything regarding the discovery. They can explain better!

Watch the video of Dell Streak 7 running Gingerbread UI.

Via: ubergizmo

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