Apple Watch’s Lifesaving Alert Sends User to ER and Saves Him

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The Apple Watch’s life-saving features, such as fall detection, heart rate monitoring, ECG, and noise monitoring, have revolutionized the healthcare industry. While technology can occasionally be frustrating, the moment it plays a crucial role in saving a person’s life, any complaints become insignificant. Smartwatches, including the Apple Watch, have played a significant role in saving numerous lives worldwide.

Cleveland’s News5 (via 9to5Mac) reported a story about Ken Counihan, an avid Apple Watch user who relied on the device to track his workouts and listen to music. Counihan also used the watch to monitor his calorie intake and track his sleep patterns, wearing it throughout the day and even while sleeping at night.

The Apple Watch issued two warnings, saving the user’s life

Ken Counihan’s daily routine was disrupted when his Apple Watch issued a warning about his elevated breathing rate. The device alerted him to the sudden change in his regular breathing pattern, prompting him to seek medical attention. He followed his son’s advice and visited the outpatient care center, where he was diagnosed with bronchitis and prescribed medication.

Although Counihan believed he had dodged a serious heart condition after receiving the elevated breathing rate warning from his Apple Watch, the device’s tenacity proved crucial. The same day, the blood oxygen monitor alerted him to another problem, indicating a decrease in his blood oxygen levels. Acting on the device’s recommendation, Counihan sought medical attention, leading him to the emergency room where he received the necessary treatment.

The Apple Watch’s blood oxygen monitor saved Ken Counihan’s life

Counihan explained that his blood oxygen levels, typically in the mid-90s, dropped to the mid-80s, prompting concern from his family. Despite feeling fatigued, his wife and son insisted he seek medical attention, which he did. Upon arrival at the emergency room, the doctors ordered additional tests upon hearing the readings from his Apple Watch.

Further tests at the hospital revealed that Counihan’s condition was much more serious than initially suspected. “They took me back to the CT scan and found that I had blood clots all over my lungs,” he recounted. Emergency medical physician Dr. Lucy Franjic from the Cleveland Clinic confirmed the severity of the situation, emphasizing that blood clots can be life-threatening if not caught early enough.

Without the timely warnings from his Apple Watch, Counihan’s condition could have worsened and become life-threatening overnight.

Fortunately for Counihan, his Apple Watch was vigilant and alerted him about his SP02 level, leading him to seek medical attention. The doctors noted that it was fortunate that he went to the emergency room because 60% of people with similar conditions at the same stage as Counihan do not survive if they go to sleep without receiving medical care.

According to Dr. Franjic, more patients are coming into the ER with data from their smartwatches and other devices, allowing physicians to diagnose underlying issues and prevent life-threatening emergencies. She notes that patients often notice trends in their heart rate or abnormal rhythms, which can help physicians provide better care.

Counihan praises the Apple Watch for not only saving his life but also inspiring his friends to buy the device, stating, “It’s amazing. It saved my life.” Thanks to the timely warning from his Apple Watch, Counihan received the necessary medical intervention, preventing the condition from worsening and potentially saving his life.

Via: 9to5Mac


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