How To Run AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy Note On T-Mobile Network


If you are a T-Mobile user waiting for Samsung Galaxy Note, we guess that T-Mobile may not get this device in the near future. But, we’ve a good news for you that you can consider the AT&T branded Galaxy Note and make it run on T-Mobile’s 4G (HSPA+) network. Thanks to the folks at XDA Developers Forum. There’s a hacking method discovered by ‘Tomin.FHL,’ available now that will let you to hack the AT&T Galaxy Note and make it possible to run with a T-Mobile SIM card.

In fact, the international HSPA+ version of the Samsung Galaxy Note, doesn’t support the 1700MHz band which is compatible with T-Mobile, but the AT&T’s LTE capable Galaxy Note works on LTE 1700MHz bands. The Galaxy Note can be hacked to run on T-Mobile using a quick-and-easy way, by grabbing the modem software from T-Mobile’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II through ClockworkMod recovery or the same software used on Telus branded handsets.

How To Run AT&T’s Galaxy Note on T-Mobile Network

You need to perform nandroid backup and insert a T-Mobile’s SIM card with a smartphone/data plan on the AT&T’s Galaxy Note handset. Make sure you have adb working on your pc with all the necessary Samsung usb drivers etc and you should’ve download the software modem from one of the following preferable modems. Better Data speeds dependent on what modem code you flash to the handset.

# T-mobile SGH-T989 KID.
# T-mobile SGH-T989 VKL1.
# Telus Kj3.

Follow the instructions below.

# Turn on USB debugging mode and “Unknown sources” (from Settings –> Applications …).
# Using ClockworkMod, flash the software modem downloaded from the above links.
# Reboot the Galaxy Note handset.
# That’s it. Rock the Galaxy Note handset on T-Mobile 4G network.

You can check out other method at the source link below.

You can roll back to AT&T by flashing the file from

Disclaimer: We WARN you that flashing a hacked radio onto AT&T branded Samsung Galaxy Note may void your warranty.

Source: XDA Developers Forum

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