Verizon HTC Droid DNA Bootloader Can Be Unlocked with a Mod

How To Unlock Verizon Droid DNA Bootloader

The HTC Droid DNA is the best Android phone of recent times. Early Verizon Droid DNA owners were able to unlock the bootloaders on them handsets through HTCDev website. But, as soon as it officially launched in stores, HTC has stopped letting the users to unlock the bootloader via its HTCDev site.

Own a Droid DNA from Verizon and want to unlock your handset’s bootloader, or whatever your priority might be, this AndroidPolice website has you covered. The good folks over AndroidPolice (contributed with RootzWiki) were able to unlock the Verizon Droid DNA using softmod method. This is simple and this method will change the CID (Carrier id information) to another model, which is supported by the HTCDev website. All you need is a PC, ADB and some basic knowledge on these things and unlocking your phone lets you to install custom OS onto it.

For full instructions on how to unlock the bootloader, please follow the source link to the original article. The directions are simple and easy to execute. You must keep in mind that while you are into unlocking the bootloader, all the apps and setting will be deleted automatically. So, be sure to take a full backup of your handset before you attempt these risky tasks.

Source: Android Police

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