HP Pre 3 Coming To AT&T and Verizon in July with webOS 2.2?

HP Pre 3 leaked image

The WebOS powered HP Pre 3 has been teasing us for quite sometime. It was originally launched in February along with the HP TouchPad. Then we saw it when it was spotted running on Verizon’s CDMA network suggesting that it will feature both the GSM and CDMA radios inside it. New rumors suggest that the phone will be launched on Verizon and AT&T as early as next month.

According to information received by ProCentral, HP Pro 3 will include webOS 2.2, which means a full Skype Synergy integration in the offing. This will add full Skype integration on the Pre 3 with Synergy contacts and all messaging apps on the device. The Skype integration will also enable the video chat using the phone’s front-facing camera.

We also have some information on the possible release timeframe as well. According to PreCentral, it will be launched on Verizon in the second half of July and if it isn’t enough, they also added that it could most probably be on July 21st for the Big Red, while AT&T is also expected to launch the phone around the same time.

You may also want to check out HP Pre 3 full specifications to know what this webOS flagship phone is going to offer.

[Source: PreCentral] [Via: Slashgear]

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