Palm teasing unknown WebOS Devices (Smartphone Or Tablet?)

New HP Palm WebOS Teaser Video

Palm and HP will be hosting an event on February 9th and they will announce their new WebOS products at the event. They have just started playing video teaser for their upcoming devices, which doesn’t reveal any specific details of the devices. They have also put up a countdown timer on its web site.

The brief nine second teaser posted on Palm’s official YouTube channel shows very little but the gratifying curves of a glossy device, with buttons on the rounded edges. It’s just alerted us that what we should expect from the upcoming big event of HP.

We are still not clear that what is HP trying to show us in the teaser – A new smartphone or a new tablet Palm Topaz? Is it the long rumoured Palm Mansion phone, which is having a 5-inch display screen? Then why would it be a smartphone, we call it as tablet only. HP is still in the game. We will find out more details on the next Wednesday. The video teaser is waiting for you here at below.

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