HP’s Palm WebOS tablets Topaz and Opal coming out this year

Palm HP WebOS Topaz Tablet

Folks over Engadget has managed to get some rendered images of HP’s yet-to-announced impressive looking 9-inch and some 7 inch webOS tablets. We know that they’re going to announce something tablet-related, Palm-related, and WebOS-related, about which they gave a tag line of “Something big, Something small, Something beyond” on February 9th.

The source indicates that the smaller-7 inch and larger-9inch tablets wear the code names Opal and Topaz respectively. Bothe tablets will be equipped with 1.2GHz processor under the hood. The tablet in the above image to be called Topaz. The rendered images indicating that the Topaz will be having front facing camera and there will be no physical buttons on the front side of the device and the bottom bazel functioning as a gesture area and it is having an USB port at the bottom. It seems that it is having three speakers – one on the right and two on the left side. So the speaker layout will give stereo audio output on both sides. The back of the Topaz looks like it’s glossy, similar to the Palm Pre and it seems that there wont be any Touchstone inductive in charging the tablet wirelessly.

The 7-incher Opal tablet, which will round out the company’s lineup and will focus purely on e-reading and there’s a mention of “premium audio,”. According to sources, it is expected arrive in many versions – a Wi-Fi only version, a Verizon LTE version, and an AT&T 3G version and supposed to be come out in September through Amazon, Best Buy and host of others. And yah, AT&T LTE version of the Opal won’t come out until until July of 2012.

According to Engadget, 9-incher Topaz is expected to arrive before Opal. More info as we get it. So guys, we now have the iPad 2, Honeycomb Motorola XOOM tablets, BlackBerry Playbook and WebOS tablets in the coming future. Hang on tight.

[Source: Engadget]

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