HTC “Omega” And “Eternity” WP7 Mango Handsets To Be Covered On September 1st Event

HTC “Omega” And “Eternity” WP7 Mango Handsets On Sep 1st

HTC has recently revealed about its upcoming event, inviting the fans on its Facebook page, which is set to held on September 1st in London. Everybody is expecting to hear the announcements about the new Android devices, but a well trusted source is saying that the upcoming September 1st event is said to be covered by the Windows Phone Mango handsets only. Interestingly, the manufacturer is bringing its first ever Windows Phones 7.5 Mango OS devices. According to BGR, we will be seeing the Mango flavor filled Windows Phones – the HTC Eternity and Omega taking stage at the event

According to the previous leaks, the HTC Eternity should be having a 4.7-inch Super-LCD display, and the Omega might be featuring a 2.8-inch S-LCD screen. But, the source is claiming that HTC Omega will be having 4.5-inch display, and the Omega is said to be sporting a 3.7-inch touchscreen display. According to the source, HTC Omega is slated to release on T-Mobile network, and the Eternity will be heading to release on AT&T air waves.

HTC Omega Full Specifications.
HTC Eternity Full Specifications.

Price & Availability

Unfortunately, we couldn’t trace out the release date and the price info of both the HTC Omega and Eternity Windows Phones, but BGR says that the handsets will be hitting the markets very soon than expected.

[Via: BGR]

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