HTC Bliss – Just For Women?

Android Powered HTC Phone For Women

Do women really want a smartphone, specially designed for themselves? HTC is gearing up to release a Women-centric Android powered smartphone. Yes HTC is working with Verizon to release the first Android model phone exclusively for women and the handset would be called as HTC Bliss. It is also being heard that HTC has been talking to women about smartphones to judge properly what they like and dislike and trying to fit the most important female-centric features that would make an Android smartphone more appealing. The only problem with HTC is – all the HTC phones looks same. Hope they make a handset with a completely different design this time.

It will feature a greenish hue, which is supposed to have a “calming” effect over the phone’s users and the handset comes with a soft-touch rubber casing to give a better grip on the phone, which is the same thing that we’ve seen on HTC Droid Incredible.

HTC Bliss is expected to come pre-loaded with with shopping comparison and calorie counting apps, exercise apps, and a set of accessories – a wireless charging dock with built-in speakers. As soon as the device is set on the charging pad, it will automatically switch to alarm mode, and then a square-shaped speaker for a car is also rumored to be in the mix that supports voice recognition and can be easily connected to a car visor.

The package will also contain a device called “charm indicator”, shaped in a cube size having a hook to attach to a purse or a bag, which will light up to alert the owner of the phone when there is a message or a call. It is also being said that HTC Bliss will be half centimeter thinner than the T-Mobile G2.

HTC Bliss is expected to release by the end of this year.

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