HTC Bootloader Unlocking Tool Is Now Live; Works With HTC Sensation


HTC has just released a bootloader unlocking tool for the European version of the HTC Sensation. This has come just few months after the Taiwanese company promised that it would unlock the bootloaders on all its future Android smartphones. In fact HTC had promised that the unlocking of bootloaders would begin in August starting with the HTC Sensation followed by the EVO 3D. It looks like it has finally arrived at the HTCDev website.

According to the website, users can now be able to unlock bootloaders on the European version of the HTC Sensation by following the instructions mentioned in the website. But the unlocking process is no cakewalk. Rightly pointing out the risk involved in the unlocking, HTC has a strong warning for all of those who are eager to unlock the bootloaders on their HTC Android phones. Damages in the process, if any, wouldn’t be covered under the warranty, according to a note published by the company in the website.

How To Unlock Bootloader On You HTC Sensation?

Head over to HTCDev website register yourself to access the resources, if you haven’t done already. Connect your HTC device to the computer where the Android SDK and Java have already been installed along with the HTC Sync application (works on Windows PC). You need to get a unique identifier token for your HTC Android phone and export that. Then login to the and copy-paste your unique identifier token (which we think will be used by HTC to track the customers who’re actually unlocking their bootloaders). Once your submit your token, HTC guys will send you an executable binary file containing the unlock code to your email which you can use to unlock your Android phone. This works currently on the HTC Sensation (EU version) but the phones like HTC Sensation 4G (T-Mobile), HTC EVO 3D (Sprint) are in the queue and would get the unlock tool very soon.

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