HTC Buttonless Smartphone coming to Verizon? Might be running Small screen Honeycomb

HTC Buttonless Verizon Phone

We’ve already running through the rumours about Button Free iPad and iPhone. Now it’s HTC turn to make rumours. folks over Phandroid have found the above image of an unnamed HTC handset in a collection of images associated of HTC Sync software, which was updated recently. This mysterious button-less HTC handset is sporting Verizon logo on top side and the HTC Sense wallpaper on the screen.

Well it could be a placeholder image for an upcoming phone or a morphing image created intentionally. This image is leading to many speculations that HTC may be working on Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS. But we just need to be aware of what Google said, that the tablet-based Honeycomb OS, unlike the previous versions of Android, won’t require any buttons to function. So no need for physical keys for Honeycomb functioning devices.

So is it really First Honeycomb phone Android device that has yet to be mentioned by either HTC or Verizon Wireless? But there is also a slender choice that this button free device might be running small screen Honeycomb or there is also another slim choice that it might be coming with the upcoming Android 2.1 Ice Cream..! What do you say guys? This handset should clear the difference between Android 2.4 and Android 3.0.

[Source: Phandroid]

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