HTC to Compete Nokia’s Windows OS Launch with 12 Megapixel Phone

HTC 12mp htc windows phone

HTC is getting prepared as it is getting a new competitor in the Windows Phone 7 market, this competitor is the largest phone manufacturer in the world by volume “Nokia” which can bring up a tough fight ahead this year end.

As an initial step, HTC is putting its best, a 12 Megapixel Camera Windows Phone. The smartphone resembles the HTC Trophy just launched by Verizon Wireless with the addition of a 12-megapixel. It has been reported that this phone can shot RAW images with excellent qualities. this can be direct competition for Nokia’s N8 and people are waiting to compare.

Nokia is re-introducing itself to the world with the Windows Phone 7 operating system from Microsoft to fight back and bring back its popularity as a smartphone manufacturer. Seeing the phone giant ahead, though HTC has never equipped its smartphones with good image sensors, puts up this 12MP phone and the quality of images taken with the upcoming 12-megapixel offering is not bad at all.

HTC has already launched its Trophy and reports coming in that the phone is quite popular. Deals like Trophy for just $99 at Amazon etc. has proved quite successful. Hope to see the full fledge fight between Nokia and others where users can benefit.

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