[Download] HTC EVO 3D Gets A Software Update 1.13.651.7; ‘Green Hornet 3D’ Fix Also Available

HTC EVO 3D Gets A Software Update 1.13.651.7

Sprint is now selling the HTC EVO 3D smartphone since yesterday along with the HTC EVO View 4G Gingerbread tablet. After announcing the availability of the HTC EVO 3D sale, the carrier has announced it has started rolling out a minor software update for HTC EVO 3D handset. This update brings a fix for “Calendar entries in certain formats force close while editing.” The latest is being treated with the version number 1.13.651.7.

The new firmware update is being rolled out over-the-air to the users of HTC EVO 3D handsets and the users will be notified automatically on their screen panels regarding this update. Otherwise, users can head over to Menu –> Settings –> System Update –> and tap HTC Software Update. After the completion of downloading installation of the FOTA update, the software version number should be shown as v.1.13.651.7.

Sadly, this update has got some bugs. Sync icon won’t get disappear from the taskbar, even after the completion of the syncing process. The phone app has been removed from the Sense 3.0 lock screen launcher and pick list, certain app icons get replaced by "generic green robots." Users can try to remove the app from their home screen, then put it back on. This will work until they reset their phone.

Forum members over the ‘Sprint Users’ website have found an application update, which is bug fix that fixes the Green Hornet 3D movie issue, which was previously unable to watch. It also fixes the HTC Watch app from continually syncing. This app update is weighing at the size of 1.99MB. Check out ‘System Update’ menu for this application update.

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[Source: Sprint Users]

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