HTC EVO 3D Bootloader Unlocking Tool Now Available At HTCDev Website

Here it is. As promised earlier, the Taiwan manufacturer HTC has started allowing the users of the Sprint branded HTC EVO 3D handsets to unlock bootloaders on their devices. Earlier, HTC has unveiled the bootloader unlocking tool for the HTC Sensation handsets of Europe region, especially for the unbranded Sensations, but not the 4G variants. Next on the list is the T-Mobile branded HTC Sensation 4G and then HTC will be adding more and more handsets to that list in the coming months. The HTC EVO 3D is one of the most anticipated Android phones of the year, so it’s good to hear that HTC is letting the users to unlock the device’s bootloader and extend its appeal, especially among the Android hacking community.

HTC EVO 3D Bootloader Unlocking Tool Now Available

If you’ve got the HTC EVO 3D from Sprint, you should be good to go to unlock bootloaders using the easy and simple web based tool. It looks like, to start the bootloader unlocking process, your handset should’ve upgraded with the latest firmware version 2.08.651.2. Just a few hours ago, we’ve reported that Sprint has started pushing out the a maintenance update 2.08.651.2 for the HTC EVO 3D handsets. So, if you are looking to unlock the bootloader for your device, you should head over to HTCDev website as a registered user. However, it is a very risky process to unlock bootloader of your handset. You may have to give up your warranty coverage. HTC warns “It is our responsibility to caution you that not all claims resulting or caused by or from the unlocking of the bootloader may be covered under warranty.

How To Unlock Bootloader

You should first install the Android SDK, Java Runtime Environment (JRE), and HTC Sync apps (hit the links to download) on your PC machines. Now follow the instructions that are provided on the HTCDev website (hit the link) in a simple manner. Remember that you will need to copy a specific code (identifier token) from your PC machines and paste it in the token field on HTCDev website when prompted, then you will be getting an email from HTC along with a unlock code binary file necessary for unlocking the bootloader on your handset.

HTC Bootloader Unlocking Process

[Source: HTCDev Website]

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