[Download] Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G Gets A Software Update 4.53.651.1

HTC EVO 4G Gets A Software Update 4.53.651.1

Really, it has been a long time since we heard about any software updates for Sprint branded HTC EVO 4G handset. But, that doesn’t mean Sprint is going to forget about the owners of the HTC EVO 4G handsets. Earlier in June, the carrier has rolled out Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for this handset. Now, the carrier has started issuing a new software update 4.53.651.1 for HTC EVO 4G. It’s just a maintenance update which aims to roll out to everyone over the next week or two. The list of enhancements and fixes included in the update is below:

# Integrated voice recognition accuracy with voice search and voice-to-text.
# Image size issue with contact transfer over Bluetooth.
# Images cut off in Picasa.
# Group contacts not in alphabetical order.
# Out of memory, Unable to send SMS.


The users of the HTC EVO 4G handsets will be getting notification alerts on their display panels regarding this new firmware update. You can manually check for the update by running the usual software update process. In order to manually download this new firmware update, all you EVO 4G owners need to do is hit up Menu –> then Settings –> select System Updates –> hit HTC Software Update –> and now tap Check Now button. Don’t panic if you couldn’t get the update in the first try. As the update is rolling out in stages, it will take some time to to reach your handset for the update. Once you get this up and running on your handset, we want to hear how it’s working for you!

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