HTC Glamor Is Another Female-Focused Android Phone?

HTC Glamor Android Phone For Women

It looks like, HTC Is really making women-focused mobile phone, and it thinks that it really needs a phone aiming at women in its Android lineup. In early May, some rumors were circling around the web that HTC is making an Android phone called HTC Bliss supposedly made for women only. The latest reports are suggesting that HTC Bliss isn’t only phone targeted to women. Another phone called HTC Glamor is also rumored to be manufacturing by the Taiwanese manufacturer wrapping up in the candy colors and light downy materials.

We don’t know much else about this rumored and unconfirmed handset, and the source haven’t provided any details about what additional female-focused accessories that would be delivered with the HTC Glamor handset. HTC Bliss handset is set to be launch with a system of accessories including a wireless charging dock with built-in speakers, a square-shaped speaker that supports voice recognition, a ‘cube shaped’ charm indicator, and a stylish Bluetooth headset. All these feature also could be found in the HTC Glamor sales package. There is no word about which mobile operating system is going to be filled on HTC Bliss, but by judging the above pic, we can say that HTC Glamor is running on Android platform, and this device set to come in yellow, pink, and blue colored editions. There is no word about when the HTC Glamor and HTC Bliss handsets will be officially unveiled. HTC Bliss is expected to be released through Verizon Wireless air waves before the end of the year.

[Source: PocketNow]

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