HTC HD7 For T-Mobile To Get ‘NoDo’ Update From Today?

HTC HD7 For T-Mobile

According to a leaked internal doc, T-Mobile will begin to roll out the first software major update – ‘NoDo’, starting from today for its HTC HD7 handsets, powered by Windows Phone 7 OS. Microsoft has recently rolled out the ‘NoDo’ update for the unlocked Windows Phone 7 devices.

The ‘NoDo’ update for the HTC HD7 will bring the most anticipated ‘Copy and Paste’ functionality along with various bug fixes, enhancements, the performance improvements for applications and games, Wi-Fi improvements, camera improvements, faster apps and games, better marketplace searches, Stability while switching between video and still camera modes and some more.

T-Mobile is the first carrier in the U.S. to bring the ‘NoDo’ for the Windows Phone 7 handsets and there is no confirmation about when the software will become available for the other handsets via other wireless carriers in the U.S. and there is no specific info on how long it might take before all users have the software installed on their HD7 devices.

The update won’t be the Over-the-air (OTA) update and users need to connect the devices to their PCs.

Here how leaked internal doc looks like:

T-Mobile's HTC HD7 To Get 'NoDo' Update

[Via: Tmo News]

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