AT&T HTC HD7S Now Available For Just $49 at Best Buy [Deals]

HTC HD7S Best Buy deal

Last week, we have reported about the availability of the Windows Phone 7 powered HTC HD7S at Amazon and AT&T stores. AT&T was selling the phone for $199.99 on a new two-year contract, while Amazon was selling it only for $99.99. Well, Best Buy has now apparently slashed the price of HTC HD7S to $49, much lesser than the $199.99 price that the AT&T is asking for. Of course, it requires you to sign a new two-year contract with the carrier as usual. If you are an existing customer with qualified upgrades, you need to pay $149.99 to own a HD7S handset. It is also worth noting that this the $49 price also includes free shipping.

While this is really a worth taking deal, however you need to check yourself with the store whether this Windows Phone is actually in stock as it looks like many Best Buy stores are not having the phones in stock. HTC HD7S is currently the hottest selling WP7 phone in the markets and the fact that AT&T has already gone out of stock and backordered the phone just explains the demand that it has got.


The phone has been listed as “Usually ships in 2-5 business days’ though it could take longer than what that considering the low stock levels of the phone. But if you have been longing to get a WP7 device, this is $49 deal does make some sense. You can go to any local Best Buy store or head over to Best Buy online (hit the link) to place an order.

[Source: Best Buy] [Via: WpCentral]

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