[Download] HTC Inspire 4G Gets Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Update

I’d say that this is a pretty good news for HTC Inspire 4G owners. The AT&T branded HTC Inspire 4G handset has finally got its Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread OS update. The other good news is that rather than an automatic, over-the-air update, the new firmware update is available for manual download right now on HTC’s website. The HTC Inspire 4G users can also receive the OTA update with the help of “System Updates” preference screen. The update will bring the Gingerbread along with the new HTC sense features, improvements and other bug fixes to your Inspire 4G handset.

HTC Inspire 4G Gets Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

The Full List Of Changes After New Firmware Upgrade:

# Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread OS.
# Newer features of Sense – Updated Application Tray, Updated FriendStream.
# Addition of quick Settings in the Notification window.
# Enhanced Power Management function.
# Enhanced media experience.
# Unspecified minor bug fixes.


Step 1 – OTA Process:

The HTC Inspire 4G users should receive the notification on their display panels, asking you to accept the update. If you haven’t seen any sign of it yet, and if you like to check for the update manually, all you need to do is hit up Menu –> Settings—> AT&T Software Update –> HTC Wi-Fi Software Update and then hit the Check Now button. Don’t forget to take a full backup of the data from the handset before proceeding.

Step 2 – Manual Process:

In order to manually download the Gingerbread ROM goodness right now, HTC Inspire 4G users need to download the following both files, and follow the instructions, provided at below.

(1) HTC Sync Software (144 MB).

(2) Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread ROM Update (269 MB).

# Download and install the HTC Sync software (1) on your PC machine.
# Download and save the Gingerbread ROM update (2) to your PC machine.
# Connect HTC Inspire 4G handset to the PC, using the USB cable.
# Take a full backup of the device.
# Tap the HTC Sync option on Connect To PC pop-up on HTC Inspire 4G device.
# Spot the location of the ROM Update (2) that you downloaded and double-click on the file to launch the installation process.
# Follow the onscreen instructions and click on the Finish button the installation process.
# Device restarts –> Initial setup wizard will appear on the display, and let it finish.
# Done – Gingerbread is ready for your HTC Inspire 4G handset.

Once you get the Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread up and running on your device, we want to hear how it’s working for you! Hit up the HTC link below to view the full instructions regarding the Gingerbread update.

[Source: HTC]

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6 thoughts on “[Download] HTC Inspire 4G Gets Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Update”

  1. Unfortunately like many others that upgraded to 2.3.3, my exchange account stopped syncing immediately. 2.3.3 isn’t compatible with corporate policy because, according to the details on the error, it allows remote desktop connections and internet connection sharing.
    Im ready to DOWNgrade.

  2. I received an OTA notification this morning that there was an update available, so I went and did it.
    After the update was done, I checked the version number, and it is 2.3.3. It comes with some of the features you mention, BUT my download size was much smaller – about ~200 MB. Just thought I’d mention it in case anyone else does their update over the air.
    My phone is the AT&T Inspire 4G.

  3. Installed 2.3.3 yesterday. Email syncs fine, but I can no longer send out text messages.

    Don’t care for the new graphics, either. I’d like to go back.

  4. I also got the OTA 2.3 update today, I saw TAU’s post on the camera+video failing, and nope mine works perfectly so I took the time to go thru as many apps as I could, and nothing has stopped working at all. My update was a success.


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