HTC Jetstream Is AT&T’s Retail Branding Name Of HTC Puccini

We already knew that AT&T is prepping to launch its first ever LTE capable Android tablet by the end of this year. We’ve been hearing the code name “Puccini” for this tablet. But, according to a recently leaked screenshot of this tablet, it has been confirmed that AT&T will launch it as HTC Jetstream, but not as HTC Puccini. The “About Tablet” part under the ‘Settings‘ menu of the tablet has revealed the model name HTC Jetstream. International version of this tablet is said to be having a different brand name, and the source also notes that the “HTC Skyrocket” is a variant, based on recent trademark filings by HTC.

HTC Jetstream Leaked Screenshot

HTC Jetstream For AT&T

Specs wise, HTC Jetstream is rumored to be having a1.5GHz dual-core processor beneath the 10.1-inch display, an 8MP camera, dual-speakers, “true” LTE 4G connectivity, and the same digital pen that the HTC Flyer has. Ofcource, the HTC Jetstream tablet will be shipped with latest Android 3.x Honeycomb OS.

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Coming to release date and price info, we can’t quite answer that with certainty just yet. We are sure we will hear the announcement from both HTC and AT&T in the near future. But, it is expected to launch in September or October.

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