Qwerty-slider HTC Knight images revealed

HTC Knight(aka EVO Shift 4G/Speedy)

The folks over HTCPedia has just revealed a bunch of images of unannounced  HTC Knight(aka EVO Shift 4G or Speedy), received from one of their suppliers. According to speculations, HTC Knight is expected to have a 3.7 inch display, a sliding Qwerty keyboard, an 8 Megapixels camera, 1 GHz processor and Android 2.2 OS. And of course it might be having WiMAX connectivity also. HTC Knight features a similar design to the EVO Shift 4G, which is expected to launch on Sprint in soon. Knight is also known as HTC Speedy.

If we predict the new images, we cant identify the sign of a Qwerty keyboard but so many popular bloggers are stating that it will be having a physical sliding keyboard. We’ve to see whether it is a slide-out QWERTY, or a HTC Surround-esque speaker.

Rumours also suggesting that this handset could be Sprint’s CDMA version of the HTC Desire Z, but it might not be true.

Check out some more new images of HTC Knight with Pink, Black, Blue coloured cases.

HTC Knight(aka EVO Shift 4G/Speedy) HTC Knight(aka EVO Shift 4G/Speedy)

HTC Knight(aka EVO Shift 4G/Speedy)HTC Knight(aka EVO Shift 4G/Speedy)

Source & Pics Credit: HTCPedia

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