HTC M7 aka HTC One Test Photo Leaked Online; Exif Data Confirms Final Product Name

HTC M7 aka HTC One Test Photo

For the last few months, information and several leaks about a smartphone from the Taiwanese manufacturer called HTC M7 have been spotted. Late last week, we reported that a reliable source is claiming that the upcoming M7 will simply be known as the “HTC One” once it hits streets. It seems HTC One will indeed be the final product name of the HTC’s upcoming Android flagship product, which is currently known as M7. An alleged picture taken by a specific HTC One’s camera has appeared on Flickr.

@evleaks has tweeted this picture, who as responsible for the leak of the official product name of the HTC M7 phone. Thanks to EXIF data of the picture, which has confirmed that it comes from a device called the HTC One. Keep in mind that that EXIF data can be faked very well. Anyhow, the picture was shot at a resolution of 1520 x 2688 pixels. That means this photo was surely captured at 4.1MP. Unfortunately, the EXIF data doesn’t indicate that the picture was shot using the rumored “Ultrapixel” sensor technology. You might already know that the HTC M7 aka HTC One is rumored to ship with “Ultrapixel” sensor, which will have three separate sensors in action.

HTC One Test Photo Exif Data

FYI, the HTC M7 aka HTC One will make its official debut at company’s gathering on February 19th. The device will have a 4.7-inch 1080p Full HD screen, along with other mouth-watering specifications. Stay tuned to Gadgetian for more details.

Source: Twitter
Via: HTC Source

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