HTC: New Sound and Camera Experience coming; M7 may feature ‘Ultrapixel’ sensor


According to an infographic appeared on Brief history of photography page of its official blog, HTC seems to have shared their two new features that they’ll be be giving special attention this year. On its blog post, HTC says that it “kicks off a new sound and camera experience” this year with a big question mark in 2013 pointing to it. The page also mentions about the highlights of the photographic technology on its phones.

Adding some fuel to HTC’s above statement, the folks over Pocket-lint have revealed out that HTC M7 could feature some interesting camera technology. The source is claiming that HTC is preparing a so-called “Ultrapixel” sensor with three sensor layers, each with 4.3MP resolution, instead of a single 13.1-megapixel one. Each sensor layer will combine to form a single image with more information per pixel and more color accuracy. With the help of Ultrapixel technology, you will be able to capture sharper images with more precise accurate color reproduction, than captured with regular smartphone cameras with current trend traditional sensor.

The source also sites that M7 won’t output camera shots at a 13-megapixel size and the rumored Ultrapixel sensor will match the sensor found on the Nokia 808 PureView Symbian phone, which has a whopping 41-megapixel rear camera. M7 will be able to capture images at higher resolutions when using a special mode. If you might recall, Nokia 808’s 41MP sensor is available only in one mode. Just like the Finnish mobile maker heavily promoted the 41MP sensor in Nokia 808 handset, HTC’s main focus will be also on the Ultrapixel sensor tech for M7. All the previous rumors pointed at a 13 megapixel shooter for HTC M7.


A few days ago at company’s year-end party, HTC’s Chairman, Peter Chou, took some shots of the crowd with the handset, shouting “M7, M7, M7”. So, what do you think? Was he really using  the rumored Ultrapixel technology to test the camera on M7? The manufacturer will unveil this year’s Android flagship at its February 19th event in New York City.

Source: HTC Blog, Pocket-lint

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