HTC M7 with Sense 5 Captured in the wild; New Home Button Placement Shown

HTC M7 Captured

The HTC M7 is no secret. With few weeks left until its official release, it’s been finding its way onto the web again and again over the past couple of months. We reported about a couple of alleged renders claiming to show off the real design of the HTC M7. Today, Android Police has grabbed hold of what appears to be a real design of the Jelly bean-powered M7 handset. The source is saying that it could very well be the M7 that captured in the wild, running with Sense 5.0 UI customization. From the images we can see that the device features a large, HTC logo on the top side, and it will feature a plastic body.

This leak is also showing the new setup of the navigation buttons on the bottom of the HTC M7 phone. As we said earlier, the Multi-tasking button has now been centered, while the Home button moved to the right side of the handset. The back of the handset features glossy black HTC logo, Beats Audio branding, and a camera with a flash on its left side. If you might recall, One X and the recent addition of the manufacturer, the Droid DNA are sporting back camera with LED flash on the right side. You can also observe that it lacks FCC and other regulatory icons. It seems the source has captured an unfinished and prototype of the HTC M7.

From the looks of it, the smartphone has a design similar to the render from the earlier leaks, and it seems it took some elements from the Droid DNA and it looks a lot like the BlackBerry L-series handset. It is expected to be shipping with HTC Sense 5.0 with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on top of it. The screen shots (with “Confidential” watermarking) of the Sense 5.0 are showing the new Clock widget with Windows 8-inhaled tiles. Both the Sense and Android version are listed as “Protected”.

HTC Sense 5 Screenshots

The phone will pack a 4.7-inch 1080p Full HD display, quad-core processor, 13MP main camera, 32GB onboard storage, 2 gigabytes of RAM.

So, what do you thinks, folks? We’re still waiting for official announcement that might confirm what leaked in the past few weeks. We will be able to see how much truth there is in these pictures and confirm the final and real design of the HTC M7 phone once the manufacturer made it official at MWC event next month.

Source: Android Police

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