HTC Mazaa – The Windows Phone 7 Leaked Online

HTC Mazaa Windows Phone 7 Leaked Photos

Well WP7 fanatics, are you tired of hearing the news of Android handsets continuously since this January? Well here is a Windows Phone 7 powered handset is waiting for you. According to the source, it will be called as HTC Mazaa.

Folks over have managed to got their hands-on the tasty HTC Mazaa handset and posted the photos, some specs of this handset on web. Details are scarce now. Specs wise, it is having a 3.7 inches WVGA touch screen, equipped with LED flash enabled camera and a speaker grill colored in red at back and might be packed with a DDR2 RAM.

According to the source, HTC Mazaa will be heading to Sprint and it also being heard that it will GSM capabilities. HTC Mazaa appears super identical to the HTC 7 Trophy (except the round bubble at the bottom of back side,) which is set rock the Verizon as a CDMA world phone. XDA-Dev states that the handset has an IMEI number, suggesting just like the Verizon variant. So it could be Global phone by Sprint.

Price & Availability

At present, we don’t have any details regarding the price & launch date of the HTC Mazaa WP7 handset. It is expected to hit the stores in the next six months. Here is another image waiting for you after the break.

HTC Mazaa Windows Phone 7 Leaked Photos

[Source: XDA-Developers]

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