HTC Mecha S Heading To Verizon As Smaller & Cheaper Version of the HTC Thunderbolt?

HTC Mecha S User Agent Profile

Verizon customers are already rocking with the carrier’s first 4G LTE capable HTC Thunderbolt smartphone since this March. The customers who couldn’t buy the expensive $249 Thunderbolt might get a chance to buy the smaller version of HTC thunderbolt handset if the latest rumors become true. Folks over PocketNow have managed to get the users agent profile, aka UAprof, of a CDMA handset codenamed HTC Mecha S, which is being prepared as the smaller and cheaper version of Thunderbolt by the Taiwanese phone maker HTC. HTC Mecha (S – which could stand for Small), was a code name used for the Thunderbolt before its launch.

According to the obtained user agent profile, the handset has a HVGA (320 x 480) display, CDMA connectivity (perfect for Verizon), and there is no sign of any physical keyboard. Since it’s an HVGA smartphone, we can only assume it to be some kind of a successor to the Thunderbolt, and chances are that the HTC Mecha S may be released as a Thunderbolt Mini. Verizon has recently announced that it is planning to release all its upcoming handsets with 4G LTE radio inside, we can expect that the HTC Mecha S might be featuring Big Red network’s 4G LTE capability and it should be released as the affordable handset to give a tough competition to the recently leaked Sprint branded Samsung SPH-D600 handset, which is also having 4G WiMAX connectivity. AT&T is also rumored to be bringing the HTC Holiday with LTE feature, and it is also being heard that Sprint is prepping HTC kingdom, HTC Shooter handsets. To top it all off, T-Mobile is also going to release the HTC Doubleshot aka T-Mobile myTouch 4G Slide handset.

HTC Thunderbolt Mini

[Source: PocketNow]

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