HTC One X/XL getting Android Jelly Bean update in October


Now is the cheer time for the HTC One X/XL users as the Android smartphone is to be upgraded to Android Jelly Bean 4.1 in October.

The HTC One X users need not wait for any longer as HTC will be starting to rollout in next month for generic unlocked devices. For One X sold locked (carrier branded phones) will receive the update before Christmas (subject to operator / Google approvals etc. of course), that is by the end of this year.

It has been reported that whilst Google may have given an all-clear for the update to hit unlocked phones and networks will be testing the software to ensure their customers will benefit from it and get the most possible experience.

Android Jelly Bean

According to Google, HTC and other OEMs have had their hands on the Android 4.1 PDK since before the software was unveiled in late June.  For now it is difficult to say when the HTC One S is updating to its Android 4.1 update but as the HTC One XL and HTC One S share many of the same internal components, it is still hoped that update for the One S will also be coming soon.

And among the HTC phone, HTC One X+, an upgrade to the current One X, will be rolling out with Jelly Bean preloaded. And it seems similar to Samsung Galaxy SIII LTE which is going to be for EE customers in the UK.

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