HTC Planning 7-inch, 12-inch Windows RT tablets for 2013

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Taiwan Based manufacturer, HTC Corp is reportedly working on a number of Windows tablets to take on its major rival, Apple next year. An unnamed source revealed that the company is to be working on two tablets versions one a 12-inch version and another a 7-inch version which will also be capable of phone calls, both will be running Windows RT.

Well if you have heard earlier reports, this new revelation directly contradicts a previous report that suggested HTC would be excluded from the Windows tablet world. Well Microsoft must have realized that it needed more number of allies than enemies, in order to take on the two majors, Apple and Google who are dominating the Tablet market as of now.

Both the products will run on Qualcomm chips. We can expect these devices to hit the market in Q3 of 2013, although pricing remains unclear. As mentioned earlier, the 7-inch version will be able to make phone calls such as the Android-based Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. The company is also said to have considered created Windows 8 devices, but decided that they would be too costly, setting around $1000 so Windows 8-based tablets from HTC are not on the ramp as of now

Yesterday Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer meet HTC CEO Peter Chou to discuss their future Windows Phone plans, we are guessing that they also discussed Windows RT tablets in that meeting. The introduction of a 7-inch Windows RT tablet would give Microsoft a product that could directly compete with the Nexus 7, Apple’s iPad Mini, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Source: Bloomberg
Via The Verge

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