HTC Puccini Tablet Coming To AT&T; LTE Capable?

HTC Puccini For AT&T

The U.S. based carrier AT&T is gearing up to bringing an Android powered tablet PC, which will be manufactured by the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC.

Folks over PocketNow have managed to get a press shot of 10-incher tablet, named as HTC Puccini. According to the source, HTC Puccini will be having LTE connectivity to become the first tablet that would support AT&T’s upcoming 4G LTE network. This 10 incher tablet is expected to launch with tablet-optimized Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS pre-loaded on it and there might be chances to include for HTC’s unique Scribe capacitive pen input technology. The details on HTC Puccini are stupidly scarce right now.

It is being heard that AT&T expects to launch its 4G network using LTE technology by the middle of this year, but the source is revealing that the HTC Puccini tablet is expected to hit the U.S. markets in next month, June. There is no word on price or possible launch date, but having met the press shot of this device, things should progress quickly from here on out.

Leaked PressShot Of HTC Puccini For AT&T

[Source: PocketNow]

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