HTC Rhyme Press Shots Leaked; Launching On September 20?

HTC Rhyme Leaked Picture

HTC Bliss, the much touted women-centric Android phone could well be launching on September 20, if the latest leaks are to be believed. Press shots of this upcoming phone have been leaked on the German site HTCInside, giving us a look into what the phone is going to look like when it gets released.

First up, the source calls this phone as HTC Rhyme, which could be the launch name or the name chosen for the international version of the device of the HTC Bliss.  The leaked press shot shows the new HTC Sense 3.5 UI on the homescreen. It does look more clutter free and impressive than the earlier version of the HTC Sense, one must say. The phone has been pictured bearing silver colored exterior rather than the blue version which we have been expecting for long. It could be that the international version might come in silver and that the U.S. version in the blue as expected. The phone in the above press shot is definitely an international version, if the Singapore weather widget on the phone’s homescreen is any hint. Also the date shown on the homescreen, September 20, 2011 could be the launching date of the phone. As HTC has already announced a big event on the same date, it’s highly probable that the device could indeed be launched on the same day.

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[Source: HTCInside] [Via: ThisIsMyNext]

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