HTC Sensation 4G Official Sign Up Page Is Now Live!

HTC Sensation 4G has just been in the news as people have spotted some Google Ads read as the device coming on 6/8. If you still have your doubts about the release date, here is some another interesting update that might well be an indication of the nearing release date of the phone.

HTC Sensation 4G sign up page

HTC has posted an official sign up page for the HTC Sensation 4G device where the interested users can drop in their email addresses to receive official information (most probably about the launch and the features that the phone packs). And the page has two lines of text one of that reads “It’s almost here”.

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Going by the specs, no wonder many HTC and Android fanboys might be very excited to get their hadns on Sensation 4G with new and enhanced HTC Sense 3.0 UI (first Android smartphone to come with HTC Sense 3) and all other ‘sensational’ specs that the device is going to feature. The release date as of now with the information we have, would most probable be June 8 as we said earlier. We think it will be the date that HTC and T-Mobile will launch HTC Sensation 4G in the US. If there’s going to be any change in the release date, we’ll bring it to you here. Just keep checking this blog!

Link: HTC Sensation Sign Up Page

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