[Download] HTC Sensation 4G Gets Software Update 1.50.531.31

HTC Sensation 4G

Are you a T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G owner that’s been feeling a bit down ever since you bough it due to its battery issues? T-Mobile and HTC might have just the thing to get you excited about the HTC Sensation again. The European HTC Sensation handset has received a new firmware update recently. T-Mobile U.S. has announced there is an update roll out available for the American variant of the HTC Sensation. The new firmware update will bring the new software version 1.50.531.31. The new version is still based on Android 2.3.4 and Sense 3.0, bringing a set of improvements and bug fixes for the HTC Sensation 4G handset. The full change log of the update is as follows:

# Software stability.
# Improved battery life.
# Improvements to Trace dictionary.
# Screen  unresponsiveness resolved.
# Device taking screen shots resolved.
# Lock screen shifted up resolved.
# Icon pixilation resolved.
# Improved Wi-Fi connection.
# Green lines on photo resolved.


The update roll-out process is going all the way through January 15. So, you will be seeing the notification alerts on your HTC Sensation 4G handset or else you might not get the update notification just yet. But you can force your handset to check for the update by heading over to Home –> Menu –> About Phone –> HTC Software Update –> and tap the Check button –> After receiving a notification that you received the update, hit Download button –> and tap Install Now button –> Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for a while until the update process finishes successfully and the software version number should be shown as 1.50.531.1.

Source: T-Mobile

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