HTC Sense to bring Music, Video and more services

HTC Sense To Get Music & Video

It seems that we will be looking forward to see some new innovations from HTC. Recently, HTC’s head of User Experience Drew Bamford, has shared some additional future plans regarding HTC Sense product as to where the company is headed with Sense and making it a richer, more capable, more compelling experience. HTC Sense is an user interface, based on the TouchFLO 3D UI. The company has prolonged the services with the launch of the website. He has stated that some more services which includes audio and video content services, not to mention the access to view e-Books, magazines & newspapers.

HTC is also planning to launch its own video chat service, similar to Apple’s FaceTime feature in iPhone and more services to be concentrating on home entertainment. HTC is rumored to be launching several more, including its first 4G devices compatible with the LTE standard, in 2011. So customers can imagine the home internet service with 4G phone. HTC plans to respond to 4G is by offering phones that do video calling “out of the box” on 4G networks. HTC has already launched an e-Book service in Europe that it plans to expand to other areas in 2011.


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