HTC Sense 3.0 Supports Sensation, Flyer, EVO 3D and the upcoming HTC Devices

HTC Sensation's Sense UI 3.0

Well..this is turning out be bad news for the HTC Sense fans. Via its official Twitter account, HTC has confirmed that the latest HTC Sense UI 3.0 supports only on the upcoming dual processor equipped HTC Sensation 4G, EVO 3D smartphones and the 1.5GHz CPU equipped HTC Flyer tablet – due to the new Sense’s hardware requirements. So the new Sense UI 3.0 won’t be available on the HTC Desire HD, Desire S and the older phones.

Here is the tweet by HTC:

HTC Sense UI 3.0 Supporting Devices

The New HTC Sense UI 3.0 Brings Many Features:

# Instant Capture – The moment you press the button is the same moment the photo is captured.
# HTC Trace – Swype Text Input, a cool video editor, increased social networking integration etc.
# Sense – The phone will sense if it’s in a closed environment with the help of sensors attached to the device. For an instance, if the phone is in your purse or pocket, the phone senses it and rings louder, and decreases as you take it out.
# Very Cool animation on weather – Users can feel the sun’s rays or wipe away the droplets of water.
# Active Lock Screen – Lets the users to launch your favorite applications while the phone is locked, including the 3D transitions.
# Richer Internet Experience.

[Source: Twitter]

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