HTC Will Release A Software Update To Unlock Sensation 4G Bootloader

HTC has recently changed its policy on locked bootloaders for Android phones and said that all the future device will come with unlocked bootloaders, allowing users to load custom ROMs. But it was too late for HTC to implement its new policy on the HTC Sensation 4G which is going to be released on June 15th on T-Mobile. It looks like HTC is willing to offer a software update to fix the locked bootloader issue.

HTC Sensation bootloader unlock update statement

According to a formal letter received (posted above) by select members of the XDA forums, HTC said “we are working on a solution for our customers”. The Taiwanese company also assured the users that they will soon be receiving information about the update: “Please stay tuned to our official channels for ongoing updates on how we will be implementing this policy.”.

It may be that, the company wants to issue an update to unlock the bootloaders on all the recently released Android smartphones. The exact plan of action for the same is not yet available but the statement looks promising. In fact the above statement is a “stock” reply from HTC, since multiple users have reported to have received exactly the same statement.

[Source: XDA Forums]

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