HTC ThunderBolt Random Reboot Issue Fix Coming Second Half Of June

If you own a HTC Thunderbolt mobile phone, and facing random reboots on your device, here is some good news for you. Verizon and HTC are reportedly working on a releasing an update to fix the random reboot issue which has been reported by numerous owners of the handset, according to a leaked internal document (treated as Proprietary and Confidential inside the Verizon Wireless) surfaced on the AndroidCentral.


This issue has been identified ever since the users installed the maintenance release update 1.13.605.7 on their HTC Thunderbolt mobile phone handsets. The leaked document clearly mentions the issue description, possible short term resolution and the resolution plan. Apparently there is no short term resolution as noted by the Verizon in the internal document. Verizon will issue a new Software maintenance release during the second half of June to fix the issue.

HTC Thunderbolt isn’t the only device to be affected by the random reboots issue. T-Mobile G2X users are also facing the similar issue which was admitted by T-Mobile and the carrier is reportedly working with LG to release an update to fix the issue.

Considering that it is already June 9 (today), we may be just few weeks away from the new maintenance release coming from Verizon Wireless. Stay tuned.


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