HTC Thunderbolt Software Update 1.13.605.7 Delayed By Verizon

HTC was to rollout a new system software update version 1.13.605.7 for its HTC Thunderbolt aimed to enhance the 3G connectivity of the phone while speeding up the GPS load for Google Maps and VZ Navigator. But Verizon has apparently kept the update on hold without giving us any explanation about why it has been delayed. Verizon has however suggested users to keep an eye on the dedicated software update page for the HTC Thunderbolt though we were unable to find any information about the delay and the next possible rollout from the webpage.

HTC Thunderbolt Software update delay verizon

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A leaked screenshot of the document issued to the Verizon staff confirms the delay and they were asked to direct the customers to the system support page which hasn’t been updated yet. Things are not going well with Verizon these days, the recent 4G LTE outage delayed the Samsung Droid Charge’s launch on the network and now another delay in the software update rollout for the HTC Thunderbolt, the first 4G smartphone on Verizon. HTC Thunderbolt customers, stay tuned for more update on the next possible rollout of the firmware update.

Update (05/12/11): Verizon HTC Thunderbolt OTA Software Update Available Now

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