HTC Thunderbolt Gets Software Update (1.13.605.7); Improves 3G Connectivity

HTC Thunderbolt is the first 4G LTE capable phone to fall under the Big Red’s network. It was released in March and the owners of the Thunderbolt handsets are facing some troubles due to some issues and bugs. Now addressing those issues, Verizon Wireless has announced a new software update for the Thunderbolt owners. The new firmware update is bearing the build number 1.13.605.7. This firmware update will enhance the connectivity to Verizon’s 3G network, speeds up GPS load, organize the phone’s texts messages better, and a few enhancements and a bunch of bug fixes.

HTC Thunderbolt's Software Update From Verizon

As soon as the update is installed, users will experience the following improvements:

# Enhancing the connectivity to Big Red’s 3G network.
# SMS and MMS messages will be stored in the right way in the Messaging applications.
# Improved load speeds for GPS updates, Google updates and VZ Navigator.
# Stability improvements for Facebook, My Verizon, Yahoo Mail, and KAYAK apps.
# Some other minor bug fixes.
# Gain better access for some apps.

How to get the Software Update 1.13.605.7:

Keep your eyes on your Thunderbolt’s notification bar for the imminent update notification or else you can check for the update and download it.

To install Over-the-Air update, HTC Thunderbolt users need to select “Menu” > “Settings” > “About Phone” > “Settings” > “System Updates” > and tap the “Check New” button –> Tap Press & Install –> Installation should start now.

HTC Thunderbolt's Software Update From Verizon

The update is weighing at the size of 22.28 MB, it will take you 10 to 15 mins to download and install the update. There is no specific date mentioned for the update, so keep checking your handset for the OTA update.

[Source: Verizon]

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