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The president of HTC china, Ren Weiguang was interviewed under the topic “Windows Phone handsets’ past, present and future” by WPDang. He revealed that since the beginning of this year, HTC was only trying in the domestic sales smartphones equipped with Windows Phone 7.6 version of Triumph (Titan).

Mr. Ren Weiguang said “Despite the 7.0 and 7.5 versions of Windows Phone, we have developed a wide range of smart phone, but only in the domestic market the introduction of a 7.5 system Triumph X310e, the number of sales is relatively not very high, but generally we expect almost.”

Weiguang called the HTC 8S and HTC 8X “HTC’s “first wave of attack” and that HTC has a larger screen size of Windows Phone 8 in development than the 4.0 inch and 4.3 inch displays on the new HTC 8S and HTC 8X respectively.

Windows Phone 8 allows three different screen resolutions and larger screened model that he is suggesting is presumably the 4.7 inch quad-core HTC Zenith, a follow-up to the HTC Titan. Microsoft is not allowing Windows Phone 8 handset manufacturers to change processors, so the Taiwan based firm had to add accessory chips for their models to include Beats Audio technology. Microsoft allows to separate its Windows Phone 8 models by design, screen size and color and they may make some colors exclusive to some carriers.

The Windows Phone 8 claims to be more healthy, more robust but the drawbacks is that the ecological development is slower than the open sourced Android system.

Source: WPDang (Translated)

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