Huawei tops as Telecom Cloud Solution Provider 2012 according to Frost & Sullivan

Telecom Cloud Computing

Chinese-based leading global information and communication technology solution provider, Huawei has received the “EXCELLENT TELECOM CLOUD SOLUTION PROVIDER OF THE YEAR” at the prestigious 2012 Frost & Sullivan best Practice Awards in Growth Innovation Leadership Congress.

The prestigious award is presented by Aroop Zutshi, Managing Partner and Global President of Frost & Sullivan in acknowledgement of Huawei’s distinguished achievements in the telecom cloud market developments. Over the past year, Huawei had provided integrated cloud solutions to many leading global operators. After joining in the field of cloud computing in 2008, they had maintained more than 10,000 dedicated R&D and service staff. They also released cloud service management platform “ManageOne” which is helpful to achieve unified management for devices. Again, Huawei launched its Cloud Service Brokerage (CSB) cloud service innovation center to enable cloud providers to achieve quickly through IaaS and SaaS solutions. So, Huawei is truly a telecom cloud expert.


Huawei is planning to build the world’s largest telecom cloud data center which has 1.3 million square meters for international information park in order to integrate the telecom cloud computing operation support of China Mobile. They provided the largest Chinese integrated logistics company, Sinotrans by managing service with data center consolidation from 30 locations into 2 cloud-based data centers. They also built over 260 data centers worldwide, 35 of which are dedicated cloud data centers. Huawei’s vision for the future of its carrier cloud computing is “Being a Trusted Partner for Telco IT Service”.

Source: Huawei

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