Worlds Cheapest Tablet PC for $35 from India

Tablet PC

This is possibly the cheapest tablet pc in the world which is aimed for the poor students in India, and powered by Android OS. This might well be the answer to the Nicholas Negroponte’s OLPC laptop ($100 laptop project which failed miserably to keep the said price and is expected to reach $200 when the project gets completed).While it looks like an Apple iPad, its price is 1/14th of iPad’s price.
As you would assume for a device at such a price it would definitely need to be run on any Open-source software, this Pc will be running on a Android operating system (probably v1.6) and it is powered by a 2-watt solar system to suit poor power-supply areas has alternative battery support through solar cells.The device won’t be having any Hard disk but runs on a 2GB RAM, only storage being provided through an external memory card.Sources say that it will come loaded with up to 22GB of internal flash storage. The device will also feature a webcam.


DeviceUnknown Currently
Weight400 grams
Display7-inch color LCD/TFT & the touch interface is optional
Memory256MB RAM
ConnectivityEthernet port, Wi-Fi and USB 2.0
Operating SystemAndroid
FeaturesQWERTY keyboard; Webcam
Storage capacity2GB memory disk included and upto 32GB external memory supported

India's $35 tablet PC
1. Equipped with touch-screen, wi-fi enabled Internet access.
2. hybrid super capacitor quick charger.
3. alternative battery supported through solar cells.
4. Support for an external hard drive (minimum 32 GB) & SD card slot with support for minimum 8 GB{is it minimum or maximum???}
5. RGB / HDMI display options to enable connectivity with a projector
6. Portable and connectivity to keyboard through USB interface

1. No Support for Windows OS.
2. No internal hard disk drive.

Price & Availability:
There is no official mention of releasing date yet for this cheapest tablet and is expected to be available in mid 2011.It will cost Rs.1600(35$). The prices expected to be go down to rupees 1,000 ($20) and drop to rupees 500 ($10) [only for students] as the government is keen to bring down the price as much as it can.

Update: A prototype of this working device has appeared on a TV show in India. Looks cool..and is working without any issues according to the hosts of the show.

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  1. This is my earnest appeal to the creators of this novel device to kindly assign a name to it in order to make it easier for us to talk about it unambiguously and without using adjectives.



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