Instagram Updated to support iPhone 5 and iOS 6, live filter preview to be phased out


Now, major app updates for the larger screen iPhone 5 iOS 6 device has arrive within 5 days from its launching date. Among the updates, popular image sharing app “Instagram” update is an important update that pushes some changes to the experience of the new iPhone 5 users.

Instagram for iPhone has been updated to support iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5, this update extends the interface of the app proving enlarged displayed views with the new larger display and fixing some of the awkward centering stopgap which was to be dealt since the launch of iPhone 5.

The update adds the ability of recovering lost or forgotten passwords. The brand new ‘registration flow’ for signing users on, allows grabbing all of one’s Facebook information for use in automatically filling out their profile, including picture, email, name, and phone number. With this update, one can see more rows of images in the profile at a given time, allows full access to all of the data surrounding the photos and explore tabs. And its ability to scroll demonstrated the larger screen’s usefulness for a grid-type interface.


But this app still doesn’t offer a Facebook login option, which is interesting and still it has separate username and password for Instagram alone. Despite of having a great update, the capture mode of Instagram is a bit uncomfortable, as its square capture window can’t take advantage of the larger screen.

Oddly, after update live filtration buttons seem to be gone from iPhone 5, but iPhone 4S seems to retain the button after the update. Reason for the removal of live filter is still not yet known. And it appears that Instagram is going to ‘phased out’ live filters in future versions of the app.

To use the world’s most popular image sharing app, Instagram one should go and grab the app from the Apple App Store free of charge with full iPhone 5 and iOS 6 support.

Instagram also points out that a version 3.1 update for Android is coming soon.

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