Intel to Launch Smartphones by Early Next Year, Blames Nokia for the Delay

Though Intel has been successful in putting few of its atom processors in some of the high end smartphones, their dream on having a fair share in the smartphone market has gone up in flames.

intel ceo addressing

Intel has been experiencing a series of delays in launching its so called Intel-Based Medfield Smartphones till date. Intel has given a vague launch timeline of early next month for the arrival of these smartphones. In an action to please their investors, the Intel CEO Paul Otellini addressed that the 32nm Medfield smartphones are indeed on the way.

Intel has openly blamed its partner, Nokia for all the delays that they have been facing in the launch of their smartphone and cited their partnership as a wrong decision. Their has been no reaction from Nokia yet.

But having told about the delays and the blame game, Nokia is confident on announcing the Nokia N9 which has an Intel Atom Processor and an Intel MeeGo OS. They have already released a video teaser of the smartphone today. According to some reports, it is expected that the phone may be announced in the upcoming MeeGo conference May 23 to 25th.

It can also be seen that Intel has been concentrating on its Mobile OS MeeGo. This is an open source Linux base system software, which Intel expects to have a large turnout in smartphones.

via: engadget

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