Apple to roll out iOS 16.3 update in next week with several fixes

After iOS 16.2 rolled out in November 2022, Apple has started testing the upcoming iOS 16.3 build, both with developers and the public enrolled into its beta program. Apple will start rolling out the new iOS 16.3 software update in the next week. The new update brings key fixes once, and it will also remove the horizontal lines appearing temporarily on the screen.

Back in December, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max owners have started complaining about the horizontal lines appeared during their phones waking up or restarting. Finally, this update will be fixing this issue.

The update fixes the lock screen and its widget, and also bringing support for the new 2nd-gen HomePod and physical security keys. The update should be addressing a bug where the wallpaper on the lock screen sometimes appeared black. After iOS 16.2 update, The Home Lock Screen widget has been pulled out, but the iOS 16.3 build will being it back to the devices to display the accurate status.

Lately, we’ve been hearing reports about Siri not being responded properly to music requests, and the new update is expected to fix this issue both in Apple iPhones and in CarPlay.

Apple is expected to release the new iOS 16.3 update on next Tuesday or Wednesday. The company will also start pushing out the macOS Ventura 13.2 OS update to MacBooks.

Source: Macworld

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