iOS 17 App Sideloading to be Limited to Europe, with Extra Fees for Developers

The latest buzz surrounding iOS 17 involves the long-awaited app sideloading feature, which allows users to download and install apps from outside the official App Store. However, according to unconfirmed reports, this feature will come with a significant limitation. It is said that app sideloading will only be available for iOS users in Europe.

Gurman, who is known for his insider knowledge on Apple’s plans, recently shared on the MacRumors podcast that he believes iOS 17 will allow app sideloading, but with a catch: the feature will reportedly only be available in Europe and won’t be coming to the US. This development could have significant implications for iPhone users, as sideloading allows the installation of apps from outside the App Store, potentially opening up new avenues for app discovery and customization.

To elaborate further, app sideloading allows users to install applications that are not available on official app stores, such as Apple’s App Store. Unlike Android, Apple has a strict policy on app distribution, where it only allows apps approved by the company to be installed on its devices. This move is to ensure the security and reliability of its devices, but it has also faced criticism for limiting user choice and innovation. The possibility of app sideloading on iOS has been a topic of discussion for some time, with some users and developers advocating for it, while others remain cautious about the potential risks.

According to Gurman, Apple may not want to introduce app sideloading everywhere and is only doing so due to pressure from EU regulators. It makes sense for the feature to be exclusive to Europe as Apple has long been concerned about security and reliability when it comes to installing apps from outside official app stores. Gurman predicts that the tech giant will introduce the feature quietly and without much promotion.

Extra Fee for Developers

According to Gurman, if Apple does go ahead with app sideloading in Europe, it is likely that the company will impose an additional fee on developers who want their apps to be available outside of the iOS App Store. This could be a way for Apple to generate additional revenue while also maintaining some control over the process.

As for the rollout of this feature, Gurman suggests that Apple may introduce it quietly and without much fanfare, perhaps mentioning it at the bottom of a press release rather than in a big announcement during the WWDC 2023 keynote. It’s also possible that Apple may limit app sideloading to certain countries or regions, depending on local regulations and market demand.

Overall, the potential introduction of app sideloading on iOS 17 remains a topic of speculation and rumor. While some users and developers would welcome the ability to install apps from outside of the App Store, others are concerned about the potential risks and security issues that could arise. Only time will tell if Apple decides to go ahead with this feature and how it will be implemented.

While this news is certainly exciting for iOS users in Europe, it remains to be seen how Apple will implement the feature and what restrictions will be put in place. Nonetheless, it is clear that app sideloading has become an important issue for both consumers and regulators, and it will be interesting to see how Apple responds to these demands.

However, it’s worth noting that these reports are unconfirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt. It’s also possible that Apple may change its plans regarding app sideloading in the future. For now, iOS users will have to wait and see if this feature becomes available, and if so, where it will be available.



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