Apple’s iOS 17 to Introduce New Mood Tracker and Health App for iPad

iOS 17, the upcoming version of Apple’s mobile operating system, is expected to be unveiled at WWDC 2023. Reports suggest that update is expected to bring several other quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes to enhance the overall user experience of Apple’s devices.

With the upcoming release of iOS 17, Apple is planning to expand its Health app to the iPad, marking the first time the app will be available on a tablet. According to reports by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the Health app will offer users a larger display for viewing health metrics, such as electrocardiogram results, prescriptions, and lab tests from doctors, among other health-related information.

Apple’s move to bring the Health app to the iPad is part of its efforts to improve the app’s popularity in healthcare settings, where tablets are widely used. With the added screen real estate, medical professionals and patients alike will have access to more comprehensive and easily accessible health data.

In addition to bringing the Health app to the iPad, iOS 17 is also expected to introduce a new feature for tracking mood. This feature will allow users to log and track their moods over time, providing insights into how they feel and how it may relate to their overall health and well-being.

Apple’s new emotion tracker feature will help users keep track of their daily mood and view changes over time. The feature will include a questionnaire that users can fill out, which will ask questions about their day and how they are feeling. Over time, users will be able to view patterns in their mood and identify potential triggers for changes.

While Apple’s initial focus will be on mood tracking, in the future, it’s possible that algorithms could be used to determine a user’s mood through speech patterns, typing, and other data. This feature could be especially useful for individuals with mental health concerns or those seeking to better understand their emotional well-being.

The rumored journaling app, which was previously reported to be integrated into the Health app, will actually be a separate app that extends the functionality of Apple’s Find My service and other location-based features, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. This app will reportedly allow users to jot down notes about places they have visited and share them with friends and family, in an effort to expand the social networking capabilities of the Find My service.

In addition to the mood tracking function, the Health app in iOS 17 will also include features to help manage vision conditions such as nearsightedness. The AR/VR headset that Apple is developing is expected to include health-centric features, including a meditation app that will guide users through calming meditations. This is in line with Apple’s focus on promoting mental health and wellness through its products and services. With the introduction of these new health-related features, Apple is further cementing its position as a leader in the health and wellness industry.

Apple’s iPhone Health App

Apple’s new health coaching service, codenamed Quartz, is set to launch in 2024. The service will use AI to offer personalized coaching programs to help users improve their exercise, eating habits, and sleep. Apple Watch data will be used to create tailored suggestions for each user, and the service will be available for a monthly fee. However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman warns that the launch of Quartz could be delayed or canceled.

Apple has been researching and developing noninvasive methods of blood pressure and glucose monitoring for the Apple Watch for several years now. The company has reportedly been working on developing sensors that can measure blood pressure by detecting the changes in the blood vessels in the wrist, and glucose levels through optical sensors that use light to detect blood sugar levels. If successful, these features would be major additions to the Apple Watch’s health capabilities and could potentially revolutionize the way people manage their health. However, there’s no official confirmation yet on when these features will be available for users.



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