iOS 6: Bluetooth audio track listings and controls lost after Update


Apple integrated its own Maps app in its latest iOS 6 (replacing Google Maps) released yesterday over the air, which adds turn-by-turn directions and Flyover mode in Maps, Maps with TomTom data, Facebook integration everywhere and Maps with free voice-guided navigation. Even though most are salient features in recent release, iOS 6 users are complaining about the new map app, which lack a significant amount of detail and skip public transit directions. Access to high-quality maps is a critical feature for modern smartphones, and Apple’s decision to replace Google Maps is a rare example of the company openly placing its own interests over those of its customers.

Along its mapping problem, Apple’s iOS 6 may have introduced problems in other specification: Bluetooth audio streaming. Many customers are complaining across several Apple support community that after upgrading to the new operating system they are unable to control their audio playback from their Bluetooth-enabled car stereo units and whenever a song is played it does not show the name of the song on the stereo which did not happened when they used with iOS 5. They further complained that the audio streaming itself works fine, but the only way to control playback is to resort to the phone itself- hardly an ideal option when driving down the highway.

The ability to track, stream artist,and album detail also appears to have missed for some users with the update, with both problems being reported across car stereos from multiple manufacturers . Apple has gradually increased the support for various Bluetooth profiles with the iteration of iOS, so it perhaps likely the problem is caused by a bug in the update rather than being the result of an international decision by Cupertino. Now, we have to wait for the step to will be taken up by Apple Inc for the iOS 6 users .

Source: Apple Support

Via: The Verge

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