Apple to Release Fix for Horizontal Lines on iPhone 14

On Reddit and other social media platforms, a significant number of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max users have been reporting about the green horizontal lines that are flashing across their iPhone display when the device is being turned on. The lines appear randomly for milliseconds and disappear after a few seconds. iPhone 14 owners are obviously worried as it’s a new device and as you all know it’s a lot of hard-earned money too.

If you’ve also found your iPhone 14 handset showing horizontal lines, there could be a fix coming for you through an iOS update. Apple Support has confirmed this issue is not a result of any hardware defect, but is a bug in iOS 16. Apple Support has been informing the affecting users that there will be a fix available through an iOS update to resolve it.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Horizontal Lines Across Screen When Phone Wakes Up from iphone

It seems the horizontal issue has started following the iOS 16.2 update, while many users are also reporting about this issue occurring on older versions of iOS 16. So far, there is no clear reason why or how to fix it. But you can try switching off the Always On Display feature or resetting the phone. However, we suggest you to wait for the release of software patch until early next month.

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